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Photo Submission Guidelines


Have some awesome photos of our beautiful township that you'd like to share on our website and/or social media page?  eMail them to:




  1. By submitting a photo you give your permission to Oakland Township to use the photograph on the website and/or social media.

  2. Images must be taken in Oakland Township by the person submitting the photo.  Please include Name, address and contact information.

  3. Submit your photos in the jpg format (compressed) since file sizes over 10MB cannot be submitted through our Internet provider.

    • Photos must have sufficient resolution for use.  Blurry photos may not be used.

    • Horizontal photos are preferred.

  4. Photos containing graphic, obscene or explicit content will not be considered for the Township web page or social media postings.

  5. Submissions with advertising, political or promotional messages will also not be considered.

  6. Preference for images of scenery rather than people. 

    • Images of children/minors will require a photo release and can be found on the Township webpage.

  7. Submission does not guarantee use by Oakland Township.

  8. Submissions may not be used or displayed immediately.

  9. Oakland Township reserves the right to decide whether a photograph is suitable for use or to crop if necessary.

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