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Agricultural Security Area:

               Agricultural Security Area Proposal

Driveway Permits:


                Please visit our Driveway Permit Page


                Oakland Township Employment Application

                PA Department of Transportation "Request for Driver Information"

                CDL Program FCRA Disclosure Form

                Pre-CDL Employment Drug Test Notice Form

Gas & Oil Leases:

              Please visit our Gas & Oil Leases Page

Local Taxes:

                Residency Certification Form


                Fee Schedule

               Address Request Form

                Agricultural Building Exemption Form

                Assessment Permit

               Building Uniform Construction Code Permit Requirements

               Building Permit application 

Road Bond:

              Please visit our Road Bond Application Page


              Please visit our Sewage Page


Street/Road Opening Permit:

                Street/Road Opening Permit

Stormwater Management:

                Review Stormwater Management Ordinance



              Please visit our Lot Line and Subdivision Page

Township Facilities:

                Facility & Grounds Rental Form

Variance Procedures:

              Please visit our Variance Application Page

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