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Winter Maintenance and Preparedness

During times of inclement weather, please be patient.  We work hard to make traveling on Township roads safe for everyone.  Please allow time for them to arrive in your area and effectively remove snow and ice from the streets and roadways.

Oakland Township maintains 32.72 miles of roads (65.44 lane miles).  


We do not maintain the nine state roads in our Township.  Please call PennDot to report issues with these roads: 724-284-8800 or visit

PennDot maintains the following roads:  

Bonniebrook Road (1025)

Center Drive (1011)

Grant Avenue Extension (1011)

Hohn Farm Road (4002)   (Snow/Ice maintained locally) (Pot holes, etc are maintained by PennDot)

Mahood Road (4002)

Route 38/Oneida Valley Road (0038)

Route 68/Chicora Road (0068)

Saint Wendelin Road (1014)

Seven Hills Road (1017)

Roadside Vehicle Parking:  
If inclement weather is expected, remove vehicles from the roadside shoulders to allow plows to clear the road. Having cars in the street/road can delay clearing the streets/roads and cause additional tax monies to be spent.


Penn Dot Guidelines regarding shoveling or plowing snow:

  • Snow should be shoveled or plowed to the right side of the driveway as you are facing the intersecting roadway.  By piling the snow away from the oncoming direction of the snow plows, the snow will not be pushed back onto the driveway.

  • Eliminate snow piles at the property entrance whenever possible. High accumulations of snow can obstruct the vision of motorists, posing a safety hazard.

  • Do not push snow onto roadways at any time. This creates a hazardous condition for all vehicles.


Penn Dot Guidelines regarding road safety:

  • Allow six car lengths behind an operating snow plow.

  • Stay alert as slow-moving snow plows can be obscured by blowing snow.

  • Never travel next to a plow truck, and never try to pass several trucks plowing side by side in a "plow train."

  • Safely move as far away from the centerline when approaching a snow plow head on.

PennDOT offers these tips to help prevent mailbox damage this winter:

  • Place a 6-inch to 8-inch piece of reflective tape on the mailbox to help snow plow operators see it at night.

  • Remove snow from around the mailbox, but avoid throwing it back onto the road.

  • If the mailbox is located within the legal right-of-way and damage was experienced in the past, homeowners may want to consider relocating the mailbox.

  • Make sure the mailbox post is firmly supported in the ground.

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