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Oakland was formed from Donegal and North Butler on March 29, 1854. The township was laid out by two surveyors who also named it on account of the ample forests of oak trees which were included within its boundaries. A small village called North Oakland, consisting of ten or twelve dwelling houses, two churches, a store and post office, is in the northern part of the township. Boydstown, in the northwestern part of the township, is a cluster of about a half dozen frame houses, with a blacksmith shop, post office and small variety store. 

                                              Credit:  History of Butler County Pennsylvania ~ Chapters 34 & 48

To dig deeper into our history, visit RootsWeb.

Oakland Township is located in Butler County, Pennsylvania. Our year 2010 census placed our population count at 2,987 and the number of household residential structures at 1,112.  


The 2020 census has shown a decrease in population to 2,769.

The Township consists of 15,980 acres and maintains 32.72 miles of road.

There are three Oakland Townships in the state of Pennsylvania.  Oakland Township, Butler County,  is 23.2 square miles.  22.9 square miles is land, and .3 square miles is water.

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