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Road Bond Request

Protecting our roads and the large investment we have in our roads is essential. By implementing a posting and bonding program, we are doing just that -- protecting our roads from heavy loads and, if needed, from heavy hauling. Posting and Bonding can make sure that excess damage is paid for by the heavy haulers who have caused the damage.


To Bond a Road, please first review:



Submit the following to the Oakland Township Office.

  1. Road Bond Application to Haul Over Posted Roads or Bridges 

  2. Surety/Bond must accompany completed application.

    • $ 6,000 per linear mile for unpaved roadways 

    • $12,500 per linear mile for paved roadways

  3. Over Posted Weight Vehicle Road Bond, Maintenance, And Restoration Agreement

  4. List of all subcontractors that will be using the road for your project.

    • Must continue to update list and notify Oakland Township as project goes on.

  5. Application Fees of $215.00

    • $125.00 Non-Refundable Heavy Hauling Permit Application

    • $ 90.00/hr Road Inspection with videotaping Fee (minimum one hour)

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