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Township Facility Rental


  1. The applicant must be an adult resident of Oakland Township without outstanding taxes or payments to the township.

  2. All requests should be via an Oakland Township application and submitted in advance of a Board of Supervisors Meeting for approval.

  3. There must be no additional operating expense involved to the Township by such use, other than normal maintenance costs such as heat and light.

  4. Activities must not interfere with the operations or conduct of official Township duties or the activities of Township officials.

  5. No activities that are illegal or questionable in nature shall be permitted.

  6. The purpose for which the applicant requests use of the Municipal Building and/or Grounds shall not be for any of the following reasons:

    • Dancing

    • Card playing

    • Gambling in any form

    • Religious services, except in case of extreme emergency as determined by the Township Board of Supervisors

    • Fundraising activities, and/or

    • If the activity increases the danger of fire or explosion

  7. Smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

  8. Political parties requesting use for the purpose of caucus, general or special meetings must comply with all items listed herein. No discrimination among duly registered political parties shall be shown.

  9. The applicant agrees to be present at the event during the entire time the Municipal Building is being used.

  10. Room capacity is 108; seating capacity is limited to 55.  The wooden meeting table cannot be moved.  

  11. No tables, chairs or other township owned equipment may be removed from the building.

  12. Applicant responsible for returning the room back to the setup it found it in and cleaning up from event.

  13. All trash, including bathroom trash, must be deposited in the large trash can located near the door.

  14. Applicant will be held responsible for costs of emergency personnel response to false fire alarms.

  15. NO permanent attachments will be made to any walls, floors, ceiling or other township.

  16. All applicants granted use of the property shall assume responsibility for any damages resulting from their occupancy. They must also see that the property is restored to the same condition as it was previously, i.e., chairs placed in order, windows closed, floor clean, etc.

  17. All damages must be reported to the township personnel immediately.

  18. The applicant is responsible for picking up the key in a timely manner during business hours.

  19. A $20 deposit will be required for Key Check Out and will be returned once key is returned.

  20. The applicant acknowledges that he/she is aware that the township room and surrounding area (with the exception of the restrooms) are monitored by closed circuit recording devices.

  21. Acceptance of these enumerated items by the requesting applicant shall be necessary prior to the granting of permission by the Township Board of Supervisors. Refusal to accept any of these items or failure to meet any of the criteria shall be deemed sufficient reason for denying use of the Municipal Building and/or Grounds.

  22. Any special situations arising not covered by these enumerated items shall be arranged between the applicant and the Township Board of Supervisors. Failure to agree shall be deemed sufficient reason for denying use of the Municipal Building and/or Grounds.

  23. If this is a reoccurring event, the application will need resubmitted and renewed yearly.

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