Oakland Township in compliance with the Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 of 2004, requires Building Permits. 


Further, certain construction exempted by the Code requires an Assessment Permit issued by the municipality.

Check with the Township before beginning any new construction.

To begin, please stop in the Oakland Township Office to fill out the Oakland Township Building Permit Application, the Municipal Code Association RESIDENTIAL Building Permit Application,the Butler County Building Permit Application and remit fees based on fee schedule.

Do I need a Building Permit?

Not sure whether or not you need a permit for your project?  Please review the Building Uniform Construction Code Permit Requirements.

Residential Building Permit Instructions & Checklist:

  • The Building Permit application has been completed in full and signed by both applicant & owner.

  • A survey by a PA registered land surveyor has been submitted with the construction documents. The survey shall indicate the setback distance to every property line. The location of all proposed driveways shall be indicated on the submitted survey.

  • All required Zoning Permits and approvals have been obtained from the municipality (attach copies).

  • Two (2) copies of scaled and accurate construction drawings have been submitted . See instruction in permit application.

  • All applicable Highway Occupancy Permits from PennDot shall be obtained (attach copies).

  • The attached “Worker’s Compensation Affidavit” has been completed.

  • The Required Inspections sheet has been read and signed. (Township will identify required inspections)

  • All sewer or on-site sewage disposal permit (attach copies).

  • Pennsylvania One Call shall be notified prior to any excavation. 1 800 242-1776

Residential Plan Review Requirements:


  • Two (2) sets of complete drawings shall be submitted with the Building Permit Application.

  • The required plan review fee shall be submitted with the Building Permit Application payable to Oakland Township.

  • The drawings include a typical wall section indicating the following: footer size and reinforcement, foundation wall details including drainage, anchor bolts, floor joist size, framing sizes, header schedule, ceiling joist and roof rafter details, roof covering details & ventilation details.

  • Engineered lumber specifications and manufacturers product information.

  • Floor plans for every story including basement.

  • HVAC details including equipment to be installed.

  • General wiring details including smoke detectors and service size.

  • A plumbing isometric (attached worksheet) design including drainage size, vent size and location, trap location, cleanout locations and drainage fixture details. All building sewer specifications shall be in accordance with the local sanitary authority.

  • Window schedules from the window manufacturer indicating sleeping room egress window and habitable basement egress sizes.

* See Building Permit application for further information.

Agricultural Buildings Information

Certain agricultural buildings (barns) are specifically excluded from the permit requirements of the PA Uniform Construction Code. 

Under the Code, an agricultural building is defined as a
structure used to store farm equipment, hay, seed, grain,
or other agricultural or horticultural products. Or, any
building used to house poultry, livestock, horses, or other
farm animals.

Persons proposing to construct a permit-exempt agricultural building (or barn) must complete an "Exemption Form” and file the completed form with Oakland Township. There is no fee for filing this form; however the form must be notarized.

This form is required to be submitted to the municipality prior to the construction of any agricultural building.
There is no fee to submit this form. 


It is important to note that buildings containing areas that agricultural products are processed, packaged, or treated are NOT exempt from the Code.

! Also any space that us used to conduct business, such as an office, or places of occupancy that could be open to the general public must be permitted and meet all Code requirements.

Even though these agricultural buildings, recreational cabins, small sheds and garages are exempt from the UCC, they may still require an assessment permit.

Assessment permits typically regulate where a certain type of building may be built, in relations to set back requirements.
A building permit on the other hand regulates how the building is actually constructed or built.

The Agricultural Exemption Form must be completed prior to construction and returned to:

Oakland Township
Building Code Official
565 Chicora Road
Butler, PA 16001



Effective July 1, 2009, contractors who perform home improvements totaling $5,000 or more per year must register with the Office of Attorney General. The law requires the contractor to display their official registration number on all contracts, estimates, proposals, and advertisements distributed within the Commonwealth. To verify a contractors registration number or for additional information, visit the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s website at or call toll free 1-888-520-6680.

Assessment Permit

An assessment is a percentage of the market value of your property against which tax millage is applied. The Butler County assessment office set the values and maintain the assessment records for our growing county. The staff works directly with local municipalities and tax collectors to keep the information up to date.

Home improvements that are not assessed:

The following are a list of normal maintenance & repair jobs you can do to your property without increasing your assessment:

  • Painting-outside or inside

  • Repairing & replacing existing masonry

  • Replacing plumbing & light fixtures

  • Landscaping

  • Replacing a roof

  • Residential Paving

  • Residential Fencing

  • Agricultural Structures

  • Garages less than 1000 square feet

  • Decks lower than 30 inches from the ground  

Home improvements that are assessed:

The following are some examples of improvements that will increase your property assessment & resale value:

  • Creating additional living space

  • Renovating an unfinished basement or attic

  • Adding an extra bath, porch, deck or patio

  • Adding a garage

  • Outbuildings or sheds over 10 x 10 and/or are permanently affixed to the ground

  • Complete modernization and conversion of a home


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