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A property owner may desire to divide his property into lots. Oakland Township’s Land Use and Subdivision Procedures Ordinance provides that you can only have one residential dwelling per parcel of property. If you wish to sell a part of your property, add a rental unit or another dwelling to your land, you must subdivide.


Before your drawings can be filed at the Courthouse, all Subdivision, Lot Line Revisions and Land Development Plans must be approved by the Oakland Township Planning Commission, Butler County’s Planning Commission, and the Oakland Township Board of Supervisors.


It is important to note that the Oakland Township Board of Supervisors will not sign off on any Subdivision, Lot Line Revision and/or Land Development Plan until the Township and County Planning Commissions signatures are on the drawings.


For complete procedure explanations and applications:

Subdivision/Land Development Plan Procedures

Lot Line Revisions Procedures         


Subdivision Worksheet 


The Oakland Township Planning Commission meets the second Tuesday of the month beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Oakland Township Municipal Building. Please visit our Planning Commission page for more information.


Oakland Township will require sewage planning on subdivisions, lot line revisions and land development plans, If required by the Department of Environmental Protection.  If required all subdivisions, lot line revisions and land development plans must have sewage planning prior to submitting your drawings to the township.  


This is a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulation and Oakland Township is required to enforce same.


There are no exceptions to sewage planning.

Further, subdivision and/or land development plans could be subject to stormwater management. Please visit our Stormwater page for more details.

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