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If you have a question that is not covered here or anywhere else on this site,  please don’t hesitate to either give us a call at 724-287-8067 or complete our online form.  


When do the Supervisors meet?

The Board of Supervisors Meeting is held the 1st Wed of every month @ 7:00 PM EST. Unless otherwise noted on the Board of Supervisors page. 


Who can attend the meeting?

It is a public meeting that anyone can attend.


Can I speak at the meeting if I have an issue or concern?

If you have and issue or concern to discuss, please sign up for the Public Comments section of the meeting.  Each person signed up will have 3 minutes to civilly discuss or present their topic.

If you have a concern that will take longer than 3 minutes to discuss, please contact the township secretary no later than the Monday before the meeting to be added as an agenda item.

When does the Planning Commission meet?

The Planning Commission Meeting is held the 2nd Tuesday of every month @ 6:00 PM EST. Unless otherwise noted on the Planning Commission page. 

If you are starting a new project and would like to ask questions before starting, this is the meeting to attend.  Just sign in when you come.

If you have a plan that needs approved, it must be officially added to the agenda.  Please contact the township secretary no later than the Thursday before the meeting to be added as an agenda item.


Does the Township have a dog barking ordinance?

Yes, please refer to Chapter 2, Article 1.

Does Oakland Township have a dog catcher?

No.  If you are having issues, please contact the:
Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement - PA Dept. of Agriculture

Does Oakland Township have an ordinance regarding cats or cat colonies?



Does the Township have a burning ordinance?

Oakland Township does not have a burning ordinance.

Can I burn leaves or trash within Township limits?



Do we have a recycling program?

We offer recycling bins for your use, but all recycling would be through your current waste disposal provider.


Considering purchasing a property in Oakland Township?

All tax information is available from: Sherry Filges, Tax Collector - 724-285-8181.

Tax Certification Letters are obtained directly though Sherry Filges with a fee of $25.

Oakland Township does not have zoning.

Oakland Township does not require any testing or permits PRIOR to purchase.

Once purchase is complete, please adhere to all township ordinances.

Trash/Recycling: Each resident/owner arranges for their own trash pickup. The township does not have any one particular service.

Where do I send for a municipal no lien letter and what is the cost?

Municipal lien letters are generally requested by your lender or your closing agent.

The request should be made in writing with a $15 check enclosed made out to:
Oakland Township, 565 Chicora Road, Butler, PA 16002. 

Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return. 

*  Please DO NOT INCLUDE a UPS Express Envelope.


I have a formal complaint I would like to submit, what do I do?

Fill our the Township Complaint form, then stop by the Oakland Township Office during office hours to formally submit  your complaint.  

*  Sewage complaints should use the Sewage Complaint form.


Who do I call to report road kill or have a dead deer removed from a road?

State Roads:  1-800-FIX-ROAD/1-800-349-7623

Township Roads:  1-814-432-3187


Where can I find Oakland Township Ordinances?

Please see our Ordinances page.



What's the best way to get my questions answered regarding projects I'm thinking about doing?

Attend a Board of Supervisors meeting the first Wednesday of each month or a Planning Commission meeting the second Tuesday of each month.


When do I need to call PA One Call?

You must notify PA One Call at 811 prior to digging. They will notify all of the utility companies that serve your property to mark buried lines.


When do I need a building permit?

Oakland Township in compliance with the Uniform Construction Code, Act 45 of 2004, requires Building Permits.


A permit is required whenever an owner or agent intends to construct, move, re-locate, enlarge, alter, or demolish any residential dwelling. This would include work such as:    New dwellings and structures, including modular home and mobile home installation (new or used), Additions of any size, Most decks that are over 30-inches in height at any point above the ground, Sunrooms.

For all projects, please review the UCC and check in with the township before beginning to verify what permits are needed.

For more information, please visit our Permits & Forms Section.

Does Oakland Township have zoning?



Is a building permit required for an above-ground pool?

Please be advised that a UCC Building Permit is required prior to the installation and/or construction of all above-ground swimming pools more than 24” deep and all in-ground swimming pools.


Is a permit required to install new windows?

No, unless the size of the windows is being changed.

Is a permit required to install siding?



Is a permit required to pave or concrete an existing driveway?



Is a permit required to replace shingles on a roof?


Is a permit required to build a fence?

Permits are required if it exceeds 6’ in height.

Can the fence be on the property line?

Oakland Township does not have a fence setback ordinance, however the fence should be on the property owners property and be able to be maintained on both sides without going on to a neighboring property.

Is a subdivision required to give a son/daughter a piece of your property to build a house?



I want to subdivide my property, where do I start?

Start with our Subdivision Worksheet.  Please visit our Subdivisions Page for more details.


To whom do I refer questions about on-lot disposal systems / pumping program?

Please refer all questions to our township SEO, please visit our Sewage Permit page for more details.


What are the setbacks in Oakland Township?

76.5 feet from the center of the road, 60 feet from side of the road, 15 feet from all other property lines.

Setback requirements for state roads can be found: PA District 10


What fees are charged to the public for certain services?

Please see Oakland Township Fee Schedule.



Does Oakland Township have a Per Capita Tax?

No.  Per Capita Tax was repealed as of January 2024.


Does Oakland Township have a wage tax?

Yes.  Oakland Township has a 1% Earned Income Tax payable quarterly to Berkheimer Associates. For more information please visit our Earned Income Tax page.


May I pay my real estate taxes at the Township Municipal Office?

No, all taxes are handled through our Tax Collector, Sherry Filges.

Does Berkheimer have an app?

Yes, check out the new features and get access to the Berkheimer App.



Where do I vote?

Faith Fellowship Alliance Church Social Hall

200 Faith Way - Fared Drive, Butler


Where do I register to vote?

Please contact the Butler County Bureau of Elections, 124 West Diamond Street, Butler, PA 16001

(724) 284-5309.

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